Learning anticlastic with a master

Navigating the Internet for jewelry schools I came across a school called Metalwerx. I started reading a bit about the school and I came across a link that took me to the workshop calendar year 2014. The list of teachers had names like Linda Darty, Bill Fretz and Michael Good. I’ve been looking for a school like this for months and when I least imagine I found it.

A couple of months pass after this discovery and I was sitting in the school waiting anxiously for my first class of anticlastic with Michael Good. I have received a package filled with tools designed by Michael: Fretz hammers, pegs, clamps and more tools designed specifically for the technique.

For more than a year I’ve wanted to learn the technique. I even had a book of anticlastic and some tools, but had not had time to experiment with them.

The class started and so did the hammering. The hammering was constant in the entire workshop. The first exercise we put into practice made ​​us understand a little better anticlastic. A little of “if you hammer here it will move here, if I hammer this other this will happen” and basically understand how and why is that things happen. At first, it was a little difficult, but as we were doing the various practices I understood the technique. During the entire workshop we made one or two pieces and as they were produced, the process got easier.

The day before the class ended Michael showed us some of his work and everything was really amazing. His work had no limits; from sculpture to jewelry and all of them with a unique finish and aesthetics. The course was a success and I’m super anxious to get a hammer and put into practice everything I learned from Michael Good.