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-Ximena Esquivel-

Ximena Esquivel has college degree in advertising and has been interested in jewelry and its creation since a young age.

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Whenever I buy stones and shells, I like them to stand out on their own. I'm looking for something that catches the attention: it may be it's brightness, texture, color, or in the case of Mother Pearl, her pearly iridescent.


The Mother Pearl, also known as the "mom of pearls" is found in the inside of the mollusks that form the pearls, it is like an inside layer of the shell of the mollusks. Mother Pearl is an iridescent nacre coating secreted  by oysters and other molluscs that are deposited inside their shells, which allows them to protect themselves from parasites, repair their damaged shells or encapsule foreign objects.


How do Mother Pearls differ from pearls? The pearls are also made of nacre, however the mother pearl differs because it refers to the nacre coating that adheres directly to the shell of the mollusk. On the other hand, the pearl is created when nacre layers are deposited in an external particle that is lodged inside the mollusk. After a while, this particle and its nacre layers becomes a pearl.


Personally, I'm a fan of Mother Pearls. The white color makes them perfect for all occasions and their pearly iridescent finish gives them the same elegance of pearls.



Mother Pearl is also a favorite for many of you, so I am constantly incorporating new designs into the collection. We have from the "minimal" pieces to the "statement" pieces. That way we make sure that everyone can find the perfect piece <3

mother pearl ring


I hope you enjoyed learning about Mother Pearl. Soon I will tell you more about the other stones and shells that are part of Ximena Esquivel Jewelry.