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We have a new garden

-Ximena Esquivel-

Ximena Esquivel has college degree in advertising and has been interested in jewelry and its creation since a young age.

Jardin del taller de joyería
Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The inspiration of the designs of Ximena Esquivel Jewelry comes from nature and being the workshop the creation space of our pieces of jewelry we could not stop dreaming of a garden that inspired us to continue creating. When we moved to the new workshop our garden was very small, however, with time the opportunity arose to expand the garden of the workshop and we did it.

Emi and I decided to do it ourselves and after a week of work; removing soil, painting and traveling to “La Garita”  as if it was around the corner we managed to completely change the appearance of the garden. The day before I came on tour to the shops the grass arrived to the workshop and Hortensi could not be more excited of having grass in the garden and we could not be more excitement of having a new garden. We are super happy with the result and we know that it will become a space of inspiration for our designs.