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  1. Where is the store located?
    Plaza Tempo, Escazú
    Waze: Ximena Esquivel Joyería
    Hours: Monday to Saturdat 11:30am to 7:30pm
    T. (506) 2506 5111

  2. Shipping
    The orders will be shipped with costarican postal office and DHL. We will be sending the tracking number. Depending on the country you may have to pay extra charges in customs. This would be responsability of the buyer.
  3. Returns
    I want you to feel in love with the piece. If you are not satisfied please contact me at and we will work in an agreement that benefits both parts.
  4. What is the inspiration?
    The design and inspiration of the jewelry is costarican nature. Trees, branches, flowers, leafs and textures are the inspiration. The texture is very characteristic of nature as well as in the brand. 
  5. Brand's mission
    To create original and versatile pieces that are a means of expression to make women feel spectacular, strong and unique.
  6. What is Ximena Esquivel Jewelry?
    Elegant and versatile jewelry inspired by the nature of Costa Rica. The pieces are made of silver using stones from around the world. The goal of each piece is to become an important piece of the closet.
  7. Why are pieces never identical?
    All of our pieces are made by hand and a lot of our stones are artisan cut, this is why sometimes it is hard to replicate the style in an identical way. 
  8. How to know my ring size? 
    You can download an app called "International ring Sizer". If you are not sure I recommend you to download the app in your phone and use it. The app is very user friendly and very accurate.
  9. Shipping
    We offer Shipping with DHL, Correos de Costa Rica and courier. Depending of the location we would choose the best option for your order. The order will take a couple of day for processing and the transit time would be the following

    Miami and Central America: 1 day
    America: 2 days
    Europe: 3 days
    Pacific Asia: 4 days
    Rest of the world: 5 days